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May 14,2019

The influence of WPC Decks to modern life

Whether it’s scrolling on a smart phone or working in an office, the average American spends approximately 10 hours per day in front of a screen – a number that continues to grow each year**,”Outdoor living spaces offer a chance to decompress, enjoy nature and connect with friends and family. Thanks to the impressive design and quality of today’s outdoor products, these spaces often rival the convenience, comfort and design of the indoors.”


As the heart of the home shifts outdoors, HANJOIN ,WPC decking with  higher performance, low-maintenance decking and railing, has gleaned insights from contractors, homeowners and industry experts to compile its annual outdoor living forecast. Following are some of the top trends that will be dominating the outdoor living landscape in 2019:


Sustainable Solutions


As younger, eco-conscious homeowners purchase and renovate homes, there is a growing interest in sustainable alternatives to wood decking products, which contribute to deforestation and can leave a heavy carbon footprint.  composite decking offers an appealing option that outperforms wood, with greater durability, less ongoing maintenance, and fewer harmful environmental impacts.


Beyond decking, composite materials also can be found in todays hottest outdoor furnishings. Manufactured from recycled milk jugs and other polyethylene plastics, these high-performance, on-trend designs offer appealing and environmentally responsible options that resonate with todays eco-minded consumers.



Cozy and Clean


As homeowners spend more time enjoying their outdoor living spaces, comfort is key. From plush cushions and throws to warming features and cozy pergolas, todays outdoor living spaces are designed to evoke serenity and peace.


For homes with elevated decks, the space underneath can offer the ultimate comfy haven. In fact, decking contractors have reported an increase in requests for drainage systems,  which can be installed on any deck to divert moisture and create dry space beneath the deck suitable for furnishings, lighting, ceiling fans, entertainment components and more.


However, hanjoin are quick to point out that cozy doesnt equal clutter. Clean, minimalist looks are growing in popularity, as homeowners emphasize quality over quantity. In outdoor living spaces, this trend is manifesting in sleek lines, simple styles and a preference for durable, long-lasting products.


Homeowners are increasingly thinking long-term when it comes to creating and accessorizing their outdoor living spaces, selecting high-performance materials with warranties that ensure decades of use.


Decidedly DIY


Nothing beats the satisfaction of building something yourself, If you are comfortable using a hammer, a power saw and a drill, you can build your own deck. Or, if you have a deck but it is showing signs of wear, you may be able to easily resurface it with high-performance.


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