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June 03,2019

How to Choose High Quality WPC Decks

WPC decking has been popular in the United States, Europe, Japan, South Korea and other places for many years, and has basically replaced laminate flooring. The sales of WPC decking has gradually increased in recent years. In this situation, how to choose high-quality wpc decking has become a very important issue. Here are a few ways to choose WPC decks:

First, the products must pass the national important testing and certification. For example, ISO9001, ISO4001 quality certification system, China national standard, China measurement certification. In addition, ship certification, US FloorScore certification, EU safety certification, green environmental certification, SGS international authority certification and so on are all more stringent and widely applicable standards in the worldwide.

Second, pay attention to the indicators of physical and chemical performance. Sampling inspections are needed before the products leave the factory, and only those that meet the standard requirements are qualified products.

Third, pay attention to the the size of the products. The size of each piece deck must meet the requirements. If the deviation is too large, the seams will be uneven and the pattern will be deformed, thus affecting the overall decorative effect.

Fourth, pay attention to the raw materials and manufacturing processes. The good WPC decking is made of high quality materials, which have the virtue of large elasticity, weatherproof and anti-slip.At the same time, it is not easy to swell and the edge is not easy to lift by the influence of temperature.

Fifth, pay attention to the appearance quality of the product. The high-quality WPC decking is very flexible, and even through arbitrary torsion, there will be no cracks on the surface.

Sixth, pay special attention to installation method. The quality of the construction is as important as the quality of the product, affecting the life of the WPC decks.

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