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August 23,2019

The Advantage of WPC Decking

The floor is generally divided into pure wood floor and wpc floor. Each of these two floors has its own characteristics. Below, we will talk about the advantages of wpc floor compared to pure wood floor:

First, environmentally friendly. WPC floor is uses recycled materials (wood flour and plastic). And it is not need for antiseptic treatment.

Second, it does not require daily maintenance, its service life is longer than wood, it does not absorb moisture, does not rot, prevent insects, does not break, does not crack, does not deform, and is not sensitive to hot and cold environment.

Third, beautiful appearance. European and modern styles make your senses more satisfying.

Fourth, no burrs. You can walk on it barefoot, no need to worry about the sting of the foot.

Fifth, the nail holding power is stronger, which is 2~5 times of the nail holding power of ordinary wood.

Sixth, high environmental protection, no pollution, and it can be recycled. The product does not contain benzene, the formaldehyde content is much lower than the EO standard, and it is the European environmental protection standard. Recycling can greatly reduce the amount of wood used, and it is suitable for the national policy of sustainable development and benefit the society.

HANJOIN specializes in the resarch & developments and maintenance of WPC decks.And we are committed to creating a cleaner, greener and healthier world with integrity and high quality service.


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