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September 16,2019

The Development Trend of WPC

With the industrialization of wood plastic composite products, application researchers have discovered the defects of wood plastic composite products, and they have put forward higher requirements: to prevent aging and destaining of outdoor products for garden landscapes. And improve the service life of them; It should have good flame retardant performance for interior doors and windows and decorative parts materials; And it should have high mechanical properties for wood plastic composite products supported by house base parts, which need to be enhanced to improve creep resistance.

With the improvement of energy-saving voices, the construction industry has also put forward higher requirements for the energy-saving effect of wood plastic composite products. Therefore, wood plastic composite products are developing towards functionalization and high added value grade: flame-retardant, reinforced, anti-aging, creep-resistant, thermal insulation and so on. In addition, the selection of wood plastic composite materials is also diversified and multi-variety, including raw wood powder and plastics.

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