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October 31,2019

Growth Prospects of the Wood Plastic Composite Market

As a sustainable bio-product, the demand for WPC will grow steadily, especially outside the mature North American market. With the rapid innovation of materials recycling and extrusion technology and the growing demand for new regional and end-use applications, the outlook for WPC is exciting.

The key driver for the growth of the global wood-plastic composites market is the growing demand for construction and construction applications, although the global economic slowdown in 2017-2018 has affected the construction industry, but these composites are superior to conventional materials. Performance advantages, durability and low maintenance costs are expected, and the demand for wood-plastic composites in buildings is expected to increase in the coming years. Coatings and car manufacturers prefer to use recyclable materials to make environmentally friendly parts that reduce manufacturing costs. Wood-plastic composite materials are environmentally friendly materials, mainly used for seat backs, canopies, front and rear door linen, luggage linen and parcel shelves.

Wood-plastic composite materials are widely used for various purposes. Construction and construction applications account for the largest share of the WPC market. As customers' awareness of the various uses and advantages of wood-plastic composites continues to increase, their use in automobiles is growing. Industrial and consumer product manufacturers constitute another major sector that uses wood-plastic composites. The wood-plastic composite market is growing rapidly. In the past decade, the applicability of WPC in various application areas has grown exponentially as many market participants have participated in R&D.

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