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November 19,2019

Why You Should Choose Wood Plastic Composite Flooring Over Traditional Hardwood

The world today is a place where many people look for alternatives which provide the same or even better results for their activities or projects. Even the traditional hardwood floor now has an alternative called wood plastic composite. But what makes wood plastic composite flooring a better choice for you?

In building or renovating our homes, we aim to have only the best materials within our desired budget. But not all plans can be followed and we will have to find alternatives which are similar with the original materials we have in mind. Even the traditional hardwood floors now have an alternative- the Wood Plastic Composite flooring (WPC). Many homeowners and even builders find WPC a lovely alternative for wood flooring, but is it the better choice for you?

What is WPC?

Before we tackle on the benefits of choosing WPC over hardwood floor, we need to know some facts about WPC. Wood plastic composite floorings are made mainly of (you guessed it) wood fiber and plastics or thermoplastics. The materials are combined and formed to look like wood, with top veneer or coating that looks exactly like wood. For the past few years, WPC have become a popular choice for many who want to achieve the same look of hardwood floors.

Why Choose WPC Over Hardwood for Flooring?

The use of WPC flooring did not become popular without a reason, and here a few of those reasons.

Wood Plastic Composite Floorings are Durable.

One favorite reason why more people are inclined to choose WPC over hardwood floors is its durability. Because it is part plastic, WPC can last longer compared to traditional wood planks. Most people and builders will choose WPC floorings even for outside decking’s because of its durability.

It is Waterproof.

Another plus factor to WPC is being waterproof. Water and natural wood floor is a disaster in the making that will cost more than just money. Having a waterproof flooring is a great advantage for homeowners especially for those who want to maintain the beauty of their floors despite getting spilled with water or other liquids.

WPC Needs Less Maintenance Compared to Traditional Wood Floors.

People who has traditional hardwood floors will agree that maintenance can be an issue WPC floorings on the other hand, does not require regular staining, polishing or replacing due to insects or rotting from being soaked with water or any other liquids.

UV Rays are Not Much of an Issue for WPC.

The natural enemy of traditional hardwood floors is UV rays, but WPC is much resistant to it. The color or stain and shine of WPC flooring lasts longer compared to wood floorings even when exposed to sunlight and other elements.

Lower Slip and Splinter Accidents.

Natural floor planks are often slippery and some wood planks can have splinters. This can be quite dangerous especially when you have elderly or little ones around. WPC floorings are mostly made of non-slip materials and surface. There are also little to no splinter accidents with well-made WPC floorings.

A bonus benefit of having WPC flooring is your home will be at a higher value as compared to having the traditional hardwood flooring. If you are still hesitant with wood plastic composite floorings, consulting experts in flooring is a welcome idea. Most importantly, consider what you feel will fit perfectly for the type of wood flooring expectation you have.


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