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March 16,2020

Wood Fencing Compared to Wood Plastic Composite Fencing

Many people like the wood feel and appearance of the fence. However, most of the same people don't like the effort of maintaining wood. That's why some people choose wood-plastic composite fences, which have the same appearance as various woods, including pine, cedar, mahogany, and walnut, and have lower maintenance costs. Today, worldwide demand for wood-plastic composite fences is growing rapidly.

Wood Fencing Material

 The wooden fence is taken from live trees and is not environmentally friendly. This means that if you don't take care of the wood, the natural decomposition process will be unstoppable. In most climates, you must repair or replace the already rotten wood area every year and prepare to treat it annually against termites and other insects to protect the life of the fence, but in more severe climates, it must be treated more frequently. The average maintenance cost of a wooden fence is $ 20 per foot.

WPC Fencing Material

WPC fences are usually made of recyclable materials such as plastic and wood. This is an excellent choice of fencing material for homeowners who like environmental protection, as WPC fences help to exclude plastic and wood from landfills. WPC fences look like wood, but you don't need to paint or stain them. One of the main advantages of composites is that they are environmentally friendly-you don't need to use new wood to build the fence. The wood in the compound fence material usually comes from recycled sawdust or sawdust. WPC fences are dense and therefore durable enough to meet almost any need.

HANJOIN specializes in the resarch & developments and maintenance of WPC decks. And we are committed to creating a cleaner, greener and healthier world with integrity and high quality service.


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