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May 07,2020


In addition to the manufacturers fixing instructions (shown below), the following notes highlight specific guidance from HANJOIN.

Wood Composite deck boards are subject to expansion and contraction when exposed to variations in temperature. To accommodate for this potential thermal movement:

Allow a 30mm expansion gap around the perimeter of the deck giving consideration to all walls, posts and other obstacles.

Allow a 10mm expansion gap between the ends of boards

To prevent ‘creep’ secret fix each board with a single screw, positioned half way along its length, angled at 45 degrees and fixed through the bottom lip of the groove and into the joist or bearer below. 

In addition:

To aid water run off prepare the sub-frame to accommodate a fall of 2mm per meter along the length of the deck boards.

Fix joists/bearers at a maximum of 40cm center  when boards are fitted perpendicular to the joist direction. When boards are fitted diagonal to the direction of the joist/bearer provide supports at 30cm center

•      If the deck is to be raised or used for commercial use, seek guidance from a qualified engineer to ensure the structure is sufficient to carry the potential loading.

Not suitable for load-bearing structures.


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